Varitube Black Bottom Feeding feeder squonk 510 V2 - Self-Adjusting 22mm
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This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 14 July, 2018.

Model VT22-BF-BLK
Manufacturer Varitube
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Varitube Black Bottom Feeding squonk 510 V2 - Self-Adjusting 22mm

Highly anticipated & long overdue .. The VT_BF_V2 bottom feeding 510 is here. We sent ourselves to wave spring design school and designed a spring from the bottom up and the connector around it to match. Then we up'd the game and gold plated the SS center pin and negative & positive nuts. Then we went 1 step further to offer a silver plated nut add-on for hard strike mechs where needed. We'll make this standard in the future.

The end result is a much shorter overall connector with superior contact surfaces, linear high spring strength, and same solid sealing expected from our bottom feeding 510. Only the best materials SS304, SS17-7PH, PEEK insulators.


A note on plating: For regulated devices and where no arc will be present, Gold Plating is perfectly adequate. However, if you are using one of the connector nuts to make a direct mechanical contact to complete the circuit you will be creating an Arc. For an "Arc" application silver plating is the more durable and preferable choice. On the other hand if your mechanical design incorporates a separate strike tab (lug) to make contact from your switch then the plating won't matter as the Arc occurs at the point where contact is made.

Assembly tip - Prior to installing drip some VG, Food Safe Silicone, OR disassemble and lube up the O-ring and inside of the insulator using some VG and then re-assemble. Tolerances are tight and the O-ring enjoys some lubricant to aid movement. Once and atty is on it will be constantly lubed :)


- 22 & 25mm diameter landing pad
- Low profile 1mm thick Landing Pad
- Available in Black or SS
- Stainless construction including the center pin
- High Temp Insulators
- Durable O-ring seals
- Gold Plated SS Center Pin
- Gold Plated Positive and Negative nuts (Silver coming)

Assembled length - 21mm

Ultra low profile Smooth Top Landing Pad, self-adjusting spring loaded center pin, brass backer nut for solid and secure installation.

Made of Stainless, Brass, & High Temp insulating material this connector is the squonking 510 you have been looking for.

The spring carries no electrical load!
Made of Stainless with High Temp Insulator - rated for 450F degrees continuous service
Body threading - M10x0.5 - 10mm diameter ... about 3/8"
Ring Terminal for ground connection included
Varitube Black Bottom Feeding squonk 510 V2 - Self-Adjusting 22mm