Customer Testimonials

  • Date added: 10/13/2015
    Testimonial by: ryan vezina

    Better than the best

    I'll start by saying my first box mods were ordered from other locations and websites. The parts were easy to find online, but difficult to find all in one area. That's where puffervape came into play. I've ordered quite a few kits and parts from this site, and have gotten nothing but the best quality and performance box mods I've used and built from scratch. I did have a mishap with a couple orders, and the amazing staff here have been exceptionally kind and understanding in shipping and getting the missing parts to me in the fastest way possible. Going from Colorado to Minnesota in THREE days is by far the best part too. In the end, if you're starting your first box mod, customizing ones you already have, or making some advanced ones- this is the place to be.
  • Date added: 07/30/2015
    Testimonial by: Brent Palmer of Denver Colorado

    best place to buy your box Parts

    I love this store! They have everything I need all in one stop. I and what I want pay for it and within a couple days is half my house. Can not beat the price and customer service. I highly recommend this place.
  • Date added: 07/31/2015
    Testimonial by: Travisty Mods of VA, United States

    Great source!

    I've been using this company since they had been on eBay, and I've been nothing but grossly satisfied with their service, speed, and product quality! They pack their boxes responsibly and efficiently, and I've never had a problem with parts being damaged from shipping. Products are always being added to an already great inventory. Keep up the great work, guys!
  • Date added: 05/12/2015
    Testimonial by: mark brand of Alabama


    I've used this site since it first went up for my box mods. The parts are always exactly what I ordered, and more than a fair price. 10 stars.
  • Date added: 08/13/2016
    Testimonial by: Rich Nestoryak of Mocksville,NC


    Placed an order yesterday, was kept up to date on info added an item to my order and was shipped with my original order and received the next day. Well worth the money.
  • Date added: 04/16/2015
    Testimonial by: Drew Davis of Maywood, IL

    The Best Box Mod Supply Store

    The best selection of box mod parts that I've come across. Puffervape has the most compete builder box mod kit and the parts are high quality. Their website is easy to use, description and product pictures are clear. Shipping choices are huge and ships fast with update emails. Great jog Puffervape!!!!!!!
  • Date added: 10/08/2015
    Testimonial by: peyton foster


    I ordered a button from eBay and it was from puffer vapes literally got it 2 days later shipping was amazing and so is the button
  • Date added: 04/08/2015
    Testimonial by: billy miller of United States


    this site is an ideal location for all interested in building or making an upgrade ..prompt shipping and an ever increasing inventory leads me to believe a one stop shop in the near stoked."".